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Blue Planet (sci fi, D/s, wife) Chapter Three, part 1

7ajv23$mrp$ Robert was still shaking his head in stunned disbelief five minutes later as
he, Debbie and the gaunt man rode down in the elevator back to the long white
tunnel from which they had come into the second floor of the White House.
When he looked over at Debbie she was smiling adoringly at him which only
caused him to roll his eyes and shake his head again. The gaunt man was
droning on as if it didn’t matter whether there was anyoneRead more...........

Blue Planet (sci fi, D/s, wife) Chapter Three, part 2

7ajv5c$n3m$ As they rode down the glowing white hallway Robert kept his eyes closed,
emitting small grunts of discomfort each time the speeding cart jolted over
some tiny irregularity in the flooring. He felt something touch his thigh and
turned toward where Debbie sat beside him, opening his eyes. He saw that she
was staring at him with an expression that was almost… hungry, he realized,
her hand moving slowly up and down the front of his tRead more...........

Blue Planet (sci fi, D/s, wife) Chapter Three, part 3

7ajv6j$n6g$ She pressed herself back hard against the seat, closed her eyes, raised her
legs, planting her feet against the seatback before her and spread them wide,
using her fingers to deftly gather up the folds of soft, shimmering cloth
that covered her now itching, aching, needy pussy. And then her fingertips
were sliding up her thigh and brushing over the lips and with a shock of
pleasure that jolted her to the core she could feel the fRead more...........

Blue Planet (sci fi, D/s, wife) Chapter Four, part 1

7ajv8c$n75$ Debbie drifted awake slowly, stretching out her limbs and flexing her muscles
even before she was fully conscious and then relaxing with a deep, contented
sigh, allowing her eyes to slip open dreamily. Although she felt
wonderful, relaxed and almost smugly satisfied, she could sense a certain
oddness about herself. She took a moment to focus and realized that she
didn’t feel at all ruffled or disheveled, as she had fully expRead more...........

A "Farrell" Story (Late for Dinner) Chapter 41: Which Is Which (S&M Family fun, jumper cables)

Your comments, criticisms, and evil/sexy/comical plot ideas are always
WARNING! This story is for adults over the age of 18 only and contains
Strong Sexual Content and Convoluted Attempts at Humor.
It is intended as a work of satirical sexual fiction for ADULTS only,
and the author does not in any way condone or encourage similar behavior
even if it was legal or physically possible. If you are under the age of
18 or reside in a state (oRead more...........

Blue Planet (sci fi, D/s, wife) Chapter Four, part 2

7ajvb4$n87$ Robert watched Debbie step into the archway and vanish, only to appear a
moment later moving through the throng of people, beings and creatures who
flowed by the invisible barrier that separated the lounge from the rest of
whatever this place was. He felt his heart rise into his throat as she
disappeared from view, and stood, staring, at where she had passed out of
sight around the frame of the window or opening or whatever it waRead more...........

Blue Planet (sci fi, D/s, wife) Chapter Four, part 3

7ajvd3$n8s$ Having passed through the large archway Debbie found herself in a rather
plain, bare alcove standing at the foot of a large, wide staircase the rose
and spiraled up out of sight to the upper floors of the structure.
"Shall I have my servant show you the way" Sandistra was saying as she
slipped her arm free and turned to Debbie. "That’s all right" Debbie
said, feeling herself growing slightly calmer "I think I can find my own<Read more...........

Blue Planet (sci fi, D/s, wife) Chapter Four, part 4

7ajves$n9h$ Robert was losing focus, becoming lost in the bombardment of sensations and
sights of this woman until her other hand moved over his body, two small,
gleaming object in her hands, thin wires trailing from them. His eyes went
wide as he saw her reach, gather up one of his tight nipples and felt the
pinch of something closing on it. Even as a searing wave of stinging shot
through his chest, forcing his body to press down, as if to Read more...........

Blue Planet (sci fi, D/s, wife) Chapter Four, part 5

7ajvg7$ncc$ They sat there for a long period in silence. Debbie pondered what she should
do now. According to what she had been told, what she understood, the only
way she and Robert could get back to their own time, their own world, would
be to go to yet another strange planet. But she immediately recalled that the
identity of that planet wouldn’t occur to her until after the transfer had
been made. Had that been deliberate, she wondered. ARead more...........

Blue Planet (sci fi, D/s, wife) Chapter Five, part 1

7ajvi3$ncq$ Jem Alaasha slowly paced the small, confined, featureless space in an
endless, pointless procession. Six measured paces, turn to the left, six
measured paces, turn to the left, over and over, just as she had done since
awakening in this empty, padded box some infinite time before. She was beyond
fury, beyond rage, beyond hatred. All her immediate anger had now spent
itself and all that was left was a cold determination to see thaRead more...........

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